SPJ's First Amendment Free Food Festival (Canceled)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
11:00 AM
Central Campus Mall
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Student Organizations
Chi Ab Vang

This event has been canceled due to inclement weather. It will be rescheduled for October.
UW-Eau Claire's student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will host the First Amendment Free Food Festival April 30 at 11 a.m. in the outdoor amphitheater near Davies Center.
The three-hour event aims to help the campus community become aware of their First Amendment rights by offering students and community members a free lunch — as long as they are willing to sign away their rights to speech, religion, press, assembly and petition.
Students and community members will be invited to visit the "Democratic Republic of Freelandia," a roped-off section of the campus mall. Upon entering, each person will sign away their rights for their meal. 
The event illustrates one of the most important lessons offered at UW-Eau Claire, said SPJ president Chi Ab Vang.
"I hope the event will teach students their First Amendment rights," Vang said. "In general, without our rights, we would not be able to congregate or have a democracy."
Volunteers from sponsoring organizations will interact with students through a variety of roles, from controlled media to protestors to dictators, making rules for those within the "country's" boundaries. Toppers Pizza, a co-sponsor of the event, will provide food. 
For more information contact Chi Ab Vang, SJP president, at vangchia@uwec.edu.

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