2018-2019 Labor Film Series: 'Free Lunch Society'

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Woodland Theater, Davies Center
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Nowlan, Bob

What would you do if your income were taken care of? Just a few years ago, an unconditional basic income was considered a pipe dream. Today, this utopia is more imaginable than ever before–intense discussions are taking place in all kinds of different political and social scientific camps. Visionary reform project, neoliberal axe to the roots of the social state, or socially romantic left-wing utopia? Depending on the type and scope, a basic income demonstrates very different ideological visions. Which side of the coin one sees depends on one‘s own idea of humankind: inactivity as sweet poison that seduces people into laziness, or freedom from material pressures as a chance for oneself and for the community. Do we actually need the whip of existential fear to avoid a lazy, deprived life in front of the TV set? Or does gainful employment give our lives meaning and social footing simply because we haven‘t known anything else for centuries? And because we‘ve never all had the freedom to self-actualize in other ways? That basic income is a powerful idea is indisputable: land, water and air are gifts of nature. They are different from private property that humans create by their individual effort. However, when we receive wealth from nature, from the commons, then that wealth belongs to all of us equally.

From Alaska‘s oil fields to the Canadian prairie, from Washington‘s think tanks to the Namibian steppes, the film takes us on a grand journey and shows us what the driverless car has to do with the ideas of a German billionaire and a Swiss referendum. Free Lunch Society, a German feature-length documentary directed by Christian Tod, the first international film about basic income to play in cinemas worldwide, is dedicated to one of the most crucial questions of our times.

Sponsored by United Faculty and Academic Staff of UW-Eau Claire, AFT Local 6481; The UW-Eau Claire Departments of English and Sociology and UW-Eau Claire Students Organizing for Community Action. All screenings will take place Wednesday evenings in Woodland Theater on the Campus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Starting at 7:30 pm.

Admission is free of charge. Discussion will follow screenings.

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Free Lunch Society
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