Theatre Production: "DanceWorks"

Friday, March 30, 2012
7:30 PM
Kjer Theatre
Event Type
Music and Theatre Arts
Akright, Nichole

The dance program at UWEC is an open admissions program. We strongly believe that all students should have access to the arts and that those students will self select into the academic program that best meets their needs. The dance minor is a 24 credit hour course of study that includes 8 credits of studio/technique class across the four major genres of tap, ballet, jazz, and modern dance. The minor also includes 8 hours of theory class and 8 hours of interdisciplinary study in theatre, music and kinesiology. All graduates of the program are also responsible to create a capstone concert that is representative of their skills as a dancer and a choreographer.
To purchase tickets, please call the Service Center, 715-836-3727.

Students in the dance minor have numerous performance opportunities.  All dance minors are encouraged to participate in the Concert Dance Company and to participate in theatre and opera productions. In addition, dance minors may decide to become involved in student/faculty collaborative research projects. The Eau Claire arts community offers a variety of avenues for dancers to teach, perform, and choreograph both on and off campus. The rich environment of this community provides a safe and nurturing environment for emerging artists.

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