Ask a Scientist: Water — What a Concept!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
7:00 PM
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Cicha, Michelle K

Water — What a Concept!

Water is life, and in a variety of ways, access to clean water for many living things, including humans, is becoming problematic. About 71 percent of the Earth is covered with water, so why should we worry about having enough? What are the properties of water that make it so unique? What are the issues with water that we are facing today, and what issues will we face in years ahead? What kinds of things can you do to help make sure there is adequate clean water available to sustain life on Earth? 

Dan Zerr, a natural resource educator with UW-Extension in Eau Claire, will discuss this most precious resource, and present ways each of us can help make sure clean water is available well into the future. 

The talk is free to the public, accessible and of interest for all ages.

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Acoustic Cafe is at 505 South Barstow St. in downtown Eau Claire.
Ask a Scientist: Water — What a Concept! 7:00 PM
Acoustic Café
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